“I have shared a platform with Dr Dan, as I like to refer to him, a number of times. He is an engaging and inspirational colleague.  I particularly admire Daniel’s entrepreneurship and willingness to seek out and challenge new ideas and concepts while not abandoning tried and tested principles. I wish him great joy with his new venture and if you get the chance to work with or engage Daniel you will come away richer for the experience”  Paul Smith

“From his friendly, comprehensive lectures to his beautiful, gentle approach to therapy… The many years of research only shows the passion and undying determination of Dr Dan.” Robyn Watford

What Kathleen’s Clients Have Said…

“As a newly self-employed business owner, I have struggled with some of the stress that comes with being the owner/boss. After three sessions, not only do I love what I do on a daily basis – but I am sleeping much better at night, and my business continues to grow each month!” Christine Childree, Owner and Senior Living Advisor

“It has been wonderful working with Kathleen in recent months. She has shown never ending support and determination to help me grow and succeed. I can’t recommend her enough.” Cheryl Taylor, Self Employed Writer/Book And Magazine Designer/Photographer

“Kathleen has a corporate background and understands the pressures I was under in balancing family needs, personal freedom and work responsibilities. I can’t recommend Kathleen, and the services she provides, enough.” – Nancy Veronica Aguilera, Community Professional and Private Banker

“I highly recommend going to see Kathleen and working with her.” Barbara Davis, IT Excecutive

“I love Kathy and would recommend her to anyone. She is very professional and good at what she does!” – Collette Lambert, direct sales

“It has been a joy to work with Kathleen and gain from her knowledge and experience! Thanks for everything Kathleen!” – Christi Hohensee, Sales Exec