Hi, I’m Kathleen Nightingale, CCHt.

Do you find yourself stressed out, stuck, and not clear on your next steps?

You may even be going from program to program thinking you’re finally on the right track, only to be disappointed.

The problem is that you’re too close to the situation to have the clarity you need.

The truth is that you have the answers within yourself, but you need someone to help you find balance, get results and get you on track – with the right tools.

Kathleen specializes in turning wise women into “dream achieving goddesses”.

It takes using the subconscious mind – the most powerful part of your mind to get the results you crave, and you’ll do it more quickly than with other methods.

Kathleen wrote the book Lose The Diet – Transform your body by connecting with your soul, which is the counter-intuitive way to lose weight, and it won four major awards.

She also worked with many people over the years (both “virtually” and in-person through sessions and retreats), helping them to shift old patterns that were keeping them from achieving the results they were unable to get before.

The issues have included: Obesity, Bulimia, Women in Transition, PTSD, Caregiver Stress, Smoking Cessation, Healing the Past, Entrepreneurial and Money Mindset, and more.


What Sets Kathleen Apart From The Herd Of Coaches?

1. Her expertise of analysis, which was honed by years of being the highest level analyst for a major bank.
2. She has intuitive gifts that allow her to see the complete picture of what’s going on in your life, so that you can have that “aha” moment that takes you where you want to go.
3. Her experience as a Clinical Hypnotherapist provides the unique combination of looking at the conscious AND the subconscious levels of the mind.

Most coaches only work at the conscious level, and that’s only 13% of the mind. The subconscious mind is the other 87% and is a million times more powerful. So if you’re not working at that level, you’re totally missing the boat on making positive changes in your life.

Kathleen took the scary leap from corporate after 22 years with the same company, and pursued her dream of helping people live an authentic and happier life. She lives in Arizona with Dr. Dan, three goats, three dogs, two cats and four and a third horses.

Kathleen’s specialties: Career coaching, clinical hypnotherapy, life coaching, weight challenges, stress management, work-life balance, inspirational speaker.

She combines guided meditation with horse therapy through relaxing retreats to lift your spirit, fill your soul, and get the clarity you need.

Book a Rapid Breakthrough discovery call with Kathleen today and let’s see where you’re at.