Dr Dan

Dr Daniel J Nightingale

You can be anywhere in the world as Dr. Dan can work with you via Skype or Zoom. His office is in Tempe, Arizona.

Dr Dan works with both adults and children on issues such as anger management, abuse, PTSD, depression, addiction, in addition to expertise in neurocognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s and other types of dementias, as well living with the challenges of neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s. He also works with those experiencing both marital and relationship issues. 

Dr. Dan is originally from the North of England. He first trained as a Social Worker, then as an RN and progressed to become a Hypno-Psychotherapist (in the UK) and Clinical Dementia Specialist with a doctorate in Transitional Shock. He is also an author, researcher, writer and speaker, and a world leader in the use of hypnosis for people living with dementia.

This follows his groundbreaking research with Dr. Simon Duff, which has led to the development of a training program for clinicians in this specialized therapy. Dr. Dan is founder and CEO of Dementia Doctor (UK), and co-founder and CEO of Dementia Therapy Specialists (US).

Over the years Dr Dan has also helped parents who have lost a child; people with depression, anger issues, high states of anxiety, cognitive impairments (Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia), intellectual disabilities, Autistic Disorders and many other issues that challenge people on a day to day basis. He works with young adolescents as well as adults.

He and wife Kathleen live on their ranch with their 5 horses, three goats, three dogs and two cats. Connecting with horses is something we offer alongside hypnotherapy and life coaching at Soquili Sanctuary in Chino Valley, in beautiful Northern Arizona.

Dr. Dan enjoys various kinds of music and has an excellent sense of humor.

For your information: We do not take insurance. However, you do not have to wait long for an appointment.

You can reach Dr Dan directly at: (928) 899-0647 or email info@DocDan.us to schedule an appointment.