img_3849We offer our services virtually and in person through one-on-one sessions, couples sessions and retreats.

We also work with people worldwide over Skype or Zoom.

Dr. Dan is a Clinical Dementia Specialist. You can learn more on DementiaTherapySpecialists.com



img_3129Dr. Dan and Kathleen love helping people, and they are also animal lovers; having adopted several animals, including two mustangs.

The horses have been included in helping people with life’s stresses, to reduce anxiety, to help with confidence and other psychological and emotional issues.




Allow us to assist you with your journey to reduce stress, relieve fears and anxiety, resolve anger, heal grief, reduce pain, get unstuck and become clear on your path or career goals, and more.

Ultimately we help you to resolve blocks that are preventing you from getting the results you desire, so that you can have a breakthrough and live an abundant life.